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SUNWAYS Development of Advance Technology OF cleaners and disinfectants for, "Spotless Spaces, Healthy Environments, Superior Service, Sanitize, Protect: Elevating Veterinary Hygiene Standards


"Poultry range "From Egg to Elder: Comprehensive Medicine for Poultry." "A Healthy Hen House is Our Specialty: Your Poultry's Wellbeing Matters."


Stronger Stock, Healthier Cattles: Empowering Cattle Owners Everywhere


Flock Focus: Your Source for Superior Sheep & Goat Medicine.


Pampered Pets, Premium Medicine: Because They Deserve the Best." & " Companion Care: Supporting Your Pet's Wellbeing Every Step of the Way


From Tank to Tide: Supporting the Wellbeing of Your Underwater Community.

Welcome to Sunways

Sunways discovers, develops and manufactures a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines.

Company’s own innovative formulations in the form of Disinfectants, natural products, probiotics, Enzymes & Synthetics is the company’s unique specialty, which are designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock farmers and companion animal owners they support.

Leading the way are SUNWAYS field representatives, who develop beneficial business relationships with customers that endure for years. These relationships are supported by the technical and veterinary specialists who provide in-depth technical expertise and disease education. By having an on-the-ground presence, SUNWAYS can react quickly to local-market needs and be well positioned to help our customers continually increase their business productivity and sustain long-term success.

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Years of Experience

Over 7 decades of cumulative experience to bring finest
solutions in Animal Health divisions